Higher Education

As the only agency in the United Nations system with a mandate in the field of higher education, UNESCO promotes the development of sound strategies that respond to the latest trends and challenges in higher education, emphasizing the role of higher education in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The organization promotes innovation, the adaptation of higher education to the needs of education and the labour market, promotes the quality of international higher education, with a particular focus on mobility and recognition of qualifications, offers tools to protect students and all those concerned from the low quality of higher education. UNESCO is developing a policy dialogue and aims to contribute to improving the quality of education by strengthening research capacity in higher education institutions and initiating international knowledge exchange.

At the UNESCO General Conference in 2019 the Global Convention on the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications, the necessity of which was unanimously endorsed by the states in the light of global humanitarian circumstances, intensified migration, and refugee flows, was adopted. The Lithuanian experts from the Centre of Quality Assurance in Higher Education have actively participated in the drafting process of the Convention.