Lietuvos nacionalinės UNESCO komisijos pareiškimas dėl Rusijos agresijos prieš Ukrainą

Lietuvos nacionalinė UNESCO komisija išplatino pareiškimą, adresuotą UNESCO Generalinei direktorei dėl Rusijos agresijos prieš Ukrainą:


Dear Director General,

The Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO strongly condemns the Russian Federation’s attack on the independent Ukraine. It is a blatant violation of international law and the principles of the United Nations Charter that cannot be justified. The illegal military actions undermine European and global stability and security. Russia bears full responsibility for this act of aggression and all the destruction, loss of life and heritage it will cause.
The Lithuanian National Commission remains in full solidarity with Ukraine and expresses its support for its people who are in the face of great danger, for the journalists who work in the war zone, for school children and teachers whose right to education is disrupted, and everyone else being affected by this brutal act of war.
The Russian Federation has to guarantee that the world heritage sites in Ukraine do not suffer any damage by respecting the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and its two Protocols. Also, this country can no longer serve as the Chair of the World Heritage Committee, and host the Committee‘s 45th session in Kazan this summer.
The Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO urges Russia to withdraw its forces and military equipment from the territory of Ukraine unconditionally. Also, we strongly condemn the involvement of Belarus in this unjustified military aggression against its neighbouring country and call on it to refrain from such action and to abide by its international obligations.
It is a shared duty of all UNESCO Member states to stand up to this outrageous act of aggression and hold Russia accountable for its disrespect of international humanitarian law, disinformation campaigns and cyber-attacks.

Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO

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