Contact information

Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO
Radvilų Str. 6, LT-01129 Vilnius, Lietuva
Tel: +370 5 210 7340
Fax: +370 5 210 7343
E-mail: lietuva(a)

Chairperson of the Commission
Rimantas Žylius, Adviser to the Prime Minister

Secretariat of the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO

Secretary General 
Ms Miglė Mašanauskienė

Assistant to the Secretary General

Ms Jurgita Vaitkutė

Areas of coordination: document management, administration, staff, legislative, public procurement issues, UNESCO Chairs, Centres and Clubs, UNESCO scholarships, UNESCO visibility projects, usage of UNESCO logo, etc.

Culture Programme Coordinator

Ms Milda Valančiauskienė

Areas of coordination: UNESCO Culture topics: intangible cultural heritage, diversity of cultural expressions, copy rights, arts, UNESCO anniversaries, curating of exhibitions in the Gallery of the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO.

Heritage Programme Coordinator

Ms Renata Vaičekonytė-Kepežinskienė

Areas of coordination: World heritage, tangible cultural heritage and its' preservation, cultural tourism, underwater heritage.

Education Programme Coordinator
Ms Dalia Stabrauskaitė

Areas of coordination: UNESCO Education topics: all levels' and intersectoral education, "Education for All", youth, UNESCO Associated Schools' Project Network (ASPNet).

Science Programme Coordinator

Ms Liliana Bugailiškytė-Lideikienė

Areas of coordination: UNESCO Science topics: natural and social sciences, humanities, "Man and the Biosphere" and Hydrology programmes, climate change, prevention of natural disasters, ethics, bioethics, human rights, equal opportunities and prevention of discrimination, physical education and sports, antidoping.

Communication Programme Coordinator
Ms Miglė Viselgaitė

Areas of coordination: public communication.

Financial Management Specialist

Ms Aida Baliūnienė